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Brand Vibes | The New SF AF1 Debuts Filed Boot Details For Fall.
Posted on November 02, 2016
Nike unveils its new winter-proof apparel with the release of the Special Field Air force 1.
Keeping with the classic AF1 silhouette, the new shoe introduces a more militarized concept with higher ankle support, a secret pocket and nylon straps that convert into handles for its tote hand bag partner. Among the all-star lineup for Complex con this year, the SF AF1 will be available for purchase. Nike's designer Ben Kirschner mentioned that the concept was focused on durability but also keeping the rubber sole that makes the shoe true to the AF1 lineage. 
The Special Field Air Force 1 shoe releases in two fall color ways, a [Faded Olive/Gum and Black/Gum] also, two women’s color ways [Light Bone/Sail and Golden Beige/Linen] at the Complex Con festival on November 5.
Apple Reveals Price Point For The New MacBook Pro.
Posted on October 27, 2016

The holiday season is near and it's time for the complicated gift giving exchanges to begin. In case you're wondering what could possibly be the best gift to hand over this year, Apple has made your indecisive tendencies a bit more relaxed, well almost. Apple revealed its new MacBook Pro today with a hoard of new updates. New features includes a new touch base panel built into its keyboard for easy scrolling and editing.

Continuing with annual expectations, the new MacBook Pro is Apple’s thinnest and lightest to date. Clothed in Aluminum, the 15″ and 13″ notebooks measure just 15.5mm and 14.9mm thin and weighs four and three lbs. Slimer designs were assumed making them 14% and 17% thinner than previous models and a half-pound lighter while also taking up 20% and 23% less volume. According to Apple's chief design officer Jony ive, a newly revamped display is also the best retina to grace a notebook yet and is 67% brighter with 67% higher contrast while displaying 25% more colors. With all the new additions you can expect to be paying top dollar to get your hands on the new Pros. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,499 USD, while the slightly larger 15-inch has a base price of $2,399 USD.

Watch the new presentation here. 


Brand Vibes | New Misunderstood Apparel Releases.
Posted on August 12, 2016
While we all are clocking into weekend mood, Entee LS has released it's second  
Summer '16 "Misunderstood Vintage Tour collection". New curved hemmed pieces aligns with straight box fit tie dye tees. Fresh off the recent Rio Summer '16 olympic inspired collection release, the new tees features custom Entree graphics mixed with our core Misunderstood moniker. 
The Misunderstood Brand has grown with each summer '16 release and doesn't seems to be slowing down. Inspired by contemporary vintage washes and 90's rock & roll band imprints, the Misunderstood stamp works from decade to decade. 
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Velour Galore: The Return of the Sweatsuit
Posted on April 08, 2016

Entree LS DESIGNER VELOUR SWEATSUIT. TAPERED FIT, PREMIUM QUALITY VELOUR. The Velour Sweatsuit is available in 3 colorways and retails for $60 USD jointly; these items are also sold separately.

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Misunderstood Army Session "Uber Everywhere" with MADEINTYO
Posted on April 03, 2016
Misunderstood Army Session with Madeintyo and Private Club Records.


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