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Rihanna and FENTY PUMA Fur Pool Slides For SS16
Posted on April 11, 2016

The latest news from Rihanna and PUMA’s ongoing FENTY project has been announced.

New for this season is a collaborative pack of Fur Slides, taking PUMA’s Leadcat silhouette and elevating it through the use of stylish faux fur on the strap, paired with a smooth satin foam packing. Branding hits can be found on the heel and footbed, while white, black and shell color schemes are set to become available.

An official release date has been set for Friday, April 22. Stay posted for further images. -Highsnobiety

Major FlashBack Friday From Back In The Days.
Posted on March 11, 2016

Last night Kobe and LeBron touched the court against each other for the last time. The Cavaliers came out with the win but not before Kobe reminded LeBron why he's our generations 'Michael Jordan".

Harlem Worlds own "Camron", Pre-"killa season". The New York music scene has changed dramatically since the "Diplomats" left us chanting "Dipset, Dipset, Dipset". Many hip-hop heads still hope for another album and just one more chance to catch a glimpse of his notable pink furs. 

Floyd "Money" Mayweather with his champion trainer and uncle "Roger". The champ is 49-0, but many are still hoping for that 50th fight to cement his place in boxing history.

Nintendo's "Punch Out" video game gave us endless Saturday morning finger cramps. No one really knows if blowing your youthful lungs out just to clean game cartridges actually worked. Now being older, we finally understand that doing so might of totally been psychological in making the game system work better.  

The time of the millennial generation is here, but let's not forget where our creativity and culture comes from. The 90's music, video games, and fashion are the bricks to almost everything the 2016 creatives are now crafting. 


Rihanna - Work Music Video (Explicit) ft. Drake
Posted on February 22, 2016

Hi, Rihanna.



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